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10/12/17 02
There's rain in the forecast again on Saturday and the start time for the wetness has been moving earlier in the day as they update it. If the forecast changes for the worse by Friday night, I'll postpone the ride to Sunday morning, again.

So, let's plan to ride at 08:15 and finish before the rain. Weather permitting, we'll ride to Hastings on Saturday, make a quick stop at the Lock & Dam, and return to Rosemount directly or via Vermillion, for about 35 or 42 miles. The route will be similar to the ones shown in this PDF. I'll send an update Friday afternoon with a go or no-go for Saturday's ride. Check your email or this site for an update.

Update: It now looks like the rain won't start until 13:00 Saturday, so the morning ride to Hastings is still on. We'll ride at 08:15.

10/05/17 11
Saturday looks like a wet one, certainly in the morning, and the weather forecast for Sunday looks great, so I will lead a ride Sunday morning.

On Sunday, we'll leave Starbucks at 09:00 and ride north into St. Paul, for about 48 miles. We should return around Noon.

Reminder: To make club communication easier and better for everyone, we created a Rosemount Cycling email group via Google Groups. You may join the group by sending an email message to

09/27/17 03
This week, the wind will be out of the south again, so we will ride to Cannon Falls clockwise for 56 miles. We'll leave Starbucks, in Rosemount, at 08:15 and we should return around 11:30.

It will be cool an windy, so dress appropriately. A vest, arm warmers, and light gloves may be appropriate for you. If you ride to the start and want to shed some clothing, I'm happy to keep it in my car during the ride. I may also be able to help you out if you're under dressed and need another layer. I also keep a tire pump in my car, which you may use.

Here's one of Gary's tips, on cold weather clothing, which seems appropriate for the coming ride:
I mentioned this little tip before and thought it worth while to mention again. Most of you drive to our ride on Saturday and you have a complete wardrobe of bike clothes with you. For those of us who ride to [the coffee shop], it can be a guessing game as far as how much to wear without overheating. I have more than once been under-dressed leaving the house only to turn back a mile later for something more. The rule of thumb that will help you is, you should be slightly uncomfortable for the first 3 mi. If you are OK after that then you are dressed just right.

If you're interested in leading a ride, or if you have a route suggestion, let me know.

09/20/17 03
Saturday, we will ride clockwise from Starbucks to Prior Lake and back for about 48 miles. We'll start at 08:15 sharp, so we should finish about 11:30.

Like last week, the weather forecast for Saturday includes a chance of rain. If the ride is postponed or cancelled, I'll post an update here, on the club's web site, and via email.

To make club communication easier and better for everyone, we created a Rosemount Cycling email group via Google Groups. If you're already a member, we'll send you an invitation to subscribe to the group. If you want to receive club emails, you need to join the mailing list.

09/14/17 12
This week, we will ride counter clockwise from Starbucks to Northfield, leaving at 08:15. We should have a nice tail wind coming back. The route is 55 miles, so we should finish around 11:45.

If you're on the mailing list and you don't get a message from me (Cory Wagner) by Friday, check our web site and you should find the ride info there, or contact me directly.

09/08/17 12
Doug Blomker will be leading the ride Saturday to Cannon Falls. You'll ride counter clockwise from Starbucks in Rosemount, leaving at 08:15. Follow Doug's direction and keep the pace at a level that everyone can sustain until you get back to CR 46, when anything goes. It will be cool an windy, so dress appropriately.

09/01/17 12
Saturday, starting at 08:00, not 08:15, we will ride from Rosemount, through Hastings and Prescott, to Red Wing (use the link for the approximate course) and back to Rosemount. There's a new trail from Hastings to Prescott, which we'll take for that part of the course, and there are some nice hills on this ride for about 2500 feet of climbing. We will stop in Red Wing to refuel at Hanisch Bakery and Coffee Shop and/or Quick Trip. Both places are close together and offer many food options and rest rooms. This is a no-drop ride, so we'll group up at the top of the hills and keep a lower pace than normal, due to the ride length.

The full ride is 85 miles, so those who want a shorter ride, will have two options: ride with us to Lock and Dam No 2 in Hastings or meet us there at 09:00. If we arrive early, we'll wait until 09:00. We should finish the full ride at about 13:00.

08/18/17 12
Saturday, we will ride from Starbucks to Edelwiess Bakery in Prior Lake and back for a flat 50-mile ride. (Follow the link to see or download the course, which includes the Old Cedar Ave bridge and trail along the Minnesota River.) We'll start at 08:15 sharp and we should finish about 11:00. The only time we've ridden most of this route was last October, so I hope you enjoy some new roads.

Last Saturday, everyone did a nice job of giving the less-experienced Chain Breaker riders room when we passed them on CR 46. They probably aren't used to riding close to other riders, so thanks for giving them room. We also had some cars and trucks on CR 46 that passed awful close to us. We were riding near the fog line when we didn't need to, so let's keep as far right as feasible on all roads to avoid problems with vehicles. We're never going to win that battle, so give them room when you can.

The Vuelta a España is on NBC's Olympic Channel Aug 19 - Sep 10, with a 12-hour delay and prime-time viewing for the last grand tour of 2017.

08/11/17 12
For those of you who were able to join us last Saturday, Gary treated us to some hills and a couple of unexpected stops at Minnehaha Academy and a car event in Eagan, where we saw some hot cars, including McLaren, Porsche, Corvette, and Mustang Shelby. Thanks Gary!

This Saturday, the weather looks like it will again be perfect and we will ride to Cannon Falls clockwise for 56 miles. The start is 08:15 sharp at Starbucks and a finish time around 11:30.

I also want to let you know about a new ride that I have planned for Saturday, September 2 starting at 08:00, with a weather date two weeks later. We'll ride from Rosemount, through Hastings and Prescott, to Red Wing and back to Rosemount. There are some nice hills on this one for at least 2500 feet of climbing. The distance is 85 miles, so those who want a shorter ride, you'll have two options: ride with us to Lock and Dam No 2 in Hastings or meet us there at 09:00.

Finally, to extend the life of your drive train, remember to wipe your chain with a rag after every ride.

Safety first, Fun second!

08/04/17 12
Sat. we will do some hills in St. Paul. Hwy.13 north out of Mendota Heights, descending Ohio St. then climbing it. Climbing Ramsey and heading down Summit Ave. Distance aprox. 50mi.

Starbucks at 8am, ride at 8:15.

07/28/17 12
Northfield counter clockwise for 57 mi. Meet at Starbucks at 8am, ride at 8:15.

07/20/17 12
Going into Mpls., St. Paul. Minnehaha Falls, Shepard Rd. Aprox. 45-50 mi.

Meet at Starbucks 8am., ride 8:15

07/14/17 12
We will do Orchard Lk. counter clockwise for 32mi. with an extra 10mi. out of Farmington.

Meet 8am, ride 8:15.

07/07/17 12
Doing the Hastings route clockwise for 35mi., with an additional 10mi to Vermillion if wanted.

Starbucks at 8am., ride at 8:15.

06/30/17 06
Going to Cannon Falls counterclockwise for 57mi.

Starbucks at 8am., ride at 8:15.

06/23/17 12
Perfect riding temps for doing the Northfield route clockwise for 57mi.

Starbucks at 8am, ride at 8:15.

06/16/17 12
Going short tomorrow. Orchard Lk. going clockwise. 8am meet, 8:15 ride for just 35mi.

06/09/17 12
(NOTE THE TIME CHANGE FOR SATURDAY) Guess it's time to put away the arm and leg warmers. Because of the heat we'll be starting 1/2 hour earlier tomorrow. Meet 7:30, ride 7:45. Doing St. Paul and Mpls. with our normal pit stop at Sebastian Joe's coffee shop on the west side of Lk. Hariet.

Distance aprox. 50 easy miles through Inver Grove, Summitt Ave, Greenway.

And for those of you who can make it, Jerry Anderson will be leading a ride from Starbucks on Wednesday morning (the 14th) with some guests from Palm Desert, CA. Ride time is 7:30am, Cannon Falls route.

06/02/17 12
I have to make change the Pepin ride to Sunday. Nothing weather related, and will explain later.

Saturday will be a ride to Hasting's going clockwise for 35 miles. Start time 8am, ride at 8:15.

Sunday we'll meet at the McDonalds just west of downtown Red Wing on Hwy. 61 at 7:30, leave there at 7:45 taking the service road east 1/2 mi. to the Cannon River bike trail parking lot where we'll ride at 8am. This is an 80 miler going clockwise around Lk. Pepin with 2,700 ft. of climbing. A pit stop at the Eagles Nest coffee shop in Wabasha at the halfway point of the ride. We are usually back at the parking lot about 1pm. If you have any questions, use the Contact Us link to email Gary.

05/25/17 12
Northfield route counter-clockwise for 57mi. Meet at Starbucks 8am., ride at 8:15.

05/11/17 12
Going a little shorter Sat. Orchard Lk. route for 37mi., with the usual add on of 10mi. out of Farmington on CR 66. More time to spend outside at Starbucks post ride. Meet at 8am, ride at 8:15.

This weekend the TOC starts with TV coverage on NBCSports network at 2:30pm.

Just a reminder, the Tour de Pepin an 80 miler out of Red Wing going clockwise around Pepin on 6/3. More details later.

05/04/17 12
Finally weather to smile about.

Doing the Revanna Trail to Hasting's route. 55-60 mi. A couple early bailout routes if needed.

8am meet, 8:15 ride.

04/28/17 12
1pm meet, 1:15 ride from Starbucks. Route TBD at ride time.

04/21/17 12
Hastings route clockwise for 35 mi., with an additional 10 mi. to Vermillion for those who can go a little longer.

Starbucks at 8:30, ride 8:45 SHARP!

04/06/17 12
Break out the sun block! Cannon Falls for 57 mi. going clockwise. Bob Ashton assured me that the road construction in C.F. is finished.

8am meet, 8:15 ride from Starbucks.

11/11/16 12
Can't quite make up my mind for an am. or pm. ride.
At 10am it should be more comfortable so...10 am meet, 10:15 ride.

Route to be decided at ride time.

11/04/16 12
Looks like a fabulous riding day. Bob Ashton will lead the route to Hasting's clockwise for 35mi., with the options of going longer to Vermillion or Hampton. Show up 8:15, ride at 8:30.

10/27/16 12
Meet at 8:15, ride at 8:30. Route to be decided at ride time.

10/10/16 12

October 8, 2016

10/05/16 12

07/25/16 12
Here's an excellent video explaining drafting techniques used by the pros.